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Who we are 

We are a company that supplies, installs and maintains vertical transport products for commercial, industrial and residential use. Fueled by an energetic, knowledgeable and efficient team, we're driven to provide our customers with reliable service while offering superior, trust-worthy products. 


Based in Trinidad and Tobago, it is our passion for the vertical transport industry that has propelled our success since opening for business in 2006.  We thrive on continued learning that enables us to keep up with the latest technologies and provide expert advice to suit each client’s vertical transport requirements. 


At Vertical Solutions, we aim to be our client’s first choice.  In doing so, we are committed to our customers and developing ourselves for their benefit. We take great pride in delivering on our mission and following our vision and core values in everything we do. 

Our Mission & Vision




To inspire confidence in our company by supplying superior products, offering a wealth of knowledge and providing efficient, flexible and friendly service at all times.​




Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Whilst giving the Caribbean a high standard of service and a portfolio of quality vertical transport brands that anticipate, satisfy and exceed the requirement of our customers, thereby inspiring reliability, and comfort and safety assurance to the end-user. 

Core Values



For the protection of our employees and customers, job site safety is our number one priority. We proudly adhere to all OSHA guidelines for every project and our daily operations.


Customer Service

We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing individualized, efficient, courteous and reliable service. All work is completed to the highest standard so that clients can have confidence not only in our products, but our company as well.


Continued Learning

Vertical Solutions is a learning organization. Our team undergoes regular product training so that we can keep up with changing technologies and better cater to each customer's individual vertical transport requirements. We view professional development as key to progress.

Our Brands

In order to generate the confidence in our company that we strive for, Vertical Solutions only offers quality products from brand names we can trust. As such, we source our product range from Mitsubishi Electric, Inclinator and Wildeck. Peruse this section to learn more about these forward-thinking, dependable brands.  

Mitsubishi is a world-renowned brand name associated with excellence in performance and reliability.  It is no wonder that their branch into the vertical transport industry with Mitsubishi Electric has been a huge success.  They offer a wide array of premiere elevating systems that are not only visually appealing and effective, but also energy efficient.  This is in keeping with Mitsubishi Electric's focus on doing their part to help protect the environment by creating "Quality in Motion - Green Technologies." Vertical Solutions is proud to be the only agency for Mitsubishi Electric in the english-speaking Caribbean. 

Inclinator Company of America specializes in the manufacture of home elevators, residential and commercial dumbwaiters, and indoor/outdoor vertical platform wheelchair lifts.  It is a highly regarded company, earning distinct recognition for the quality systems they create.  In existence for many years, Inclinator’s heritage dates back to 1923 when C.C. Crispen invented the inclining stair chair lift. In 1928, he introduced the first residential elevator. Over the years, the company has pioneered many product advancements.  Vertical Solutions specifically sought to align with Inclinator because of their smooth-running, high performance home elevators and lifts.   




In order to complete our diverse portfolio of elevating systems, Vertical Solutions looks to Wildeck for dependable and long-lasting material lifts.  They offer the ultimate in material handling efficiency and flexibility for lean manufacturing, maintenance operations, and service shops.  Founded since 1976, Wildeck has garnered ample experience in manufacturing top-of-the-line systems and is greatly revered within its industry.  Vertical Solutions is proud to be associated with this prestigious brand and of our ability to supply you with their leading-edge product line.

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