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What we do

If you need a vertical transport system for your home or business, Vertical Solutions can help you every step of the way, from planning to implementation.  


Vertical Solutions offers a variety of leading-edge vertical transport products and works with you to choose the best option to suit your requirements.  We supply elevators (commercial, freight and residential), escalators, dumbwaiters, as well as material and wheelchair lifts. Given that quality is of extreme importance, we have carefully selected the brands we use to ensure our products are safe, durable and dependable. 



Vertical Solutions boasts a highly skilled installation team who effectively installs your elevating product with minimal disruption to you and with a quick turn around time.  We offer an energetic team, willing to go the extra mile to ensure each customer is satisfied with our work.  



In order to protect your investment, Vertical Solutions offers regular maintenance service. We also carry out repairs in the unlikely event that there is a disruption in the effective running of your elevating device. 

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